Virtual Reality’s Social Gaming Sees Substantial Growth

Since the inception of video games, social interaction serves as their core. Players have transformed from gathering on the living room’s floor to play Mortal Kombat to talking over headsets while their digital avatars are interacting in Call of Duty. Developers of virtual reality know that the same thing applies for their games yet they don’t know exactly as to what social interaction form must happen within a headset.
Kite & Lightning, based in Los Angeles, is toying with a potential solution. This virtual reality studio raised a seed round of $2.5 million that they are planning to use on the development of a bizarre social virtual reality game inviting players to turn into battle-hungry babies.
The Bebylon: Battle Royale is what you can consider as a game within a game. This happens after humans found an immortality pill that cause people to stop aging as babies. They are jos
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