Google Unveils The Latest Android OS Called Nougat

Breaking its tradition, Google has unveiled its latest Android OS version months before the annual developer conference Google I/O 2016. This version will be called Nougat. In the past few years, Google highlights the next generation Android OS during the said event.
The latest tech news suggests that Google will break another tradition prior to the announcement of Android Nougat. For the past several years, a new Android OS means a new Nexus smartphone as Android Nougat makes its debut with the Nexus smartphones of Google. But, this year, Evan Blass, tipster, said that Google will start to roll out Android Nougat with August security patch.
However, Google hasn’t given any exact date as to when it would roll out its official version. According to reports, it was also rumored that Google Nexus 5 won’t be able to enjoy the latest Android OS version. The schedule of Google to roll out And
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