Bulgarian folk dances

General characteristics
Folk dances form an important part of Bulgaria’s national culture. The wealth of rhythms and melodies and the great variety of figures, steps, and rapidity of movements demonstrated in the chain dances or HOROS, embody the creative genius handed down from generation to generation.Until recently, the HORO was danced every Sunday and holidays, · all over Bulgaria,byyoung  and old. Even today, folk dancing is still a
beloved entertainment among Bulgarians on wedding days, at country fairs, regional
festivals, and big national festivities. Many dances are connected with various rituals and customs. Presently, in every region of Bulgaria, there are local HOROS and versions widely known typesdances which reflect the local taste and character of the people. The names of some dances and tunes refer to the town or village they come from: RADOMIRSKO, KULSKO, etc.
The B
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