Recipes for home made facial scrub and facial masks

The scrub is a cosmetic paste that contains liquid emulsions and abrasive particles that clean the skin. In the antiquity the Mediterranean beauties used volcano sand scrub. Queen Cleopatra , on the other hand, pampered her skin with sea salt and almond oil scrub.
Why does your skin need scrubbed?
Human skin regenerates all the time. It forms new cells who push out the old ones to the surface. Part of the dead cells wash away but part of it remains and blocks the pores; the skin feels rough and the facial complexion is not even. The oil that is secreted by the skin; together with the dust and the perspiration, form a layer that needs to be removed regularly to keep the skin healthy and young.
What the scrub does, is, thanks to the abrasive particles, that it removes the dead cells and the dirt. While you exfoliate your skin, you, in fact, micro massage its surface, stimulating the
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